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Unity teaches that the Spirit of God lived in Jesus, just as it lives in every person. Each of us has the potential to express the perfection
of Christ as Jesus did, by being more Christ-like in everyday life.


We provide positive church experiences.
We are inclusive of all people and recognize the good in all faiths. See Our Core Values Here.

This Sunday's Schedule
   9:30a  Meditation in Unity House  
  10:20a  Music & Contemplation - Auditorium  
  10:30a  Celebration
   Presenter: Rev. Judi Venturini
   Musican/Arranger: Donna Greco
   Soloist/Song Leader: Erica Highberg
  11:45a  Fellowship - Unity House  
  12:30p  Workshop - Auditorium  

Sunday, November 9th
Rev. Patty Perhacs
"Out With the Old,
In With the New (Thought)"

Rev. patty Our 11th spiritual power or innate ability is renunciation, which allows us to eliminate that which binds and blocks us from expressing our divine Spirit.

We will explore this power of Renunciation and new thought to transmute, eliminate and to expand our Good, our flow.

Renunciation is located in the gangliatic nerve center in the lower abdomen and is symbolized by Master Jesus’ apostle Thaddeus and the color of russet.

"Through our awareness of oneness and free will, we will exit the darkness and be illuminated."

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou are with me..."
--------- 23rd Psalm

Sunday, November 16th
Presenter: Maryann Hackworth

Sunday, November 23rd
Combined Service with
the Pittsburgh Center for Spiritual Living

Sunday, November 30th
Message & PM Discussion Group:: Vince Lisi

Sunday, December 7th
Presenter: Erica Highberg



This Sunday, November 2nd
Special Guest: Rev. Judi Venturini
10:30 am & 12:30pm
Judi V
10:30 am Presentation:
"From Hopelessness to Love"

12:30 - 3:30 pm
A Live-Changing Workshop
"From Panic to Power
and Vibrant Health"

After 23 years in Unity ministry, Rev. Judi was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer and on the brink of homelessness. Practicing spiritual principles, in less than a year, she was healed of cancer.

When life-altering events occur in our life, it is natural to feel overwhelmed, afraid, depressed, furious or terrified, or become paralyzed by fear. This is the nature of being human as we take the Hero’s Journey.

As we apply our spiritual tools that we have learned through Unity, at the same time, there are very practical things we can do to move through these emotions and feelings and to recapture a sense of balance. These tools will lead us away from Panic and move us toward our Power—from fear to love.

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  Join us this Sunday morning
in the Waldorf School Auditorium
201 South Winebiddle Street, Pgh 15224



In November, we are celebrating ELIMINATION, the 11th Spiritual Tool for an Abundant Life.

The energy center for ELIMINATION is located in the abdominal region.

The disciple is Thaddeus. He represents the expulsion of negative thinking, the motivation and the desire to accomplish great things.

Russet is the color that resonates with the power of ELIMINATION.

Affirmation: I release anything and everything that no longer serves my unfolding good.

Twelve-Power Meditation Exercise on Renunciation (Elimination)

Relax, make yourself comfortable. Lean back into those everlasting arms in which you live, move and have your being. …

Now let the focus of your attention move to the crown of your head. This is the physical center representing the Christ mind in you. Affirm:

The Christ of God is awakened in me.

Now bring your attention to your forehead. Think of the forehead as representing the conscious level of mind. Affirm:

I am consciously aware that the Christ of God is awakening in me.

Next, move to the solar plexus. As you let your attention dwell on this central part of your body, which represents the subconscious level of mind, affirm:

I am grateful that the Christ of God is awakening in me.

Now let that spotlight of attention travel to the end of your spine, the very lowest part of your back. Affirm:

Christ in me quickens my faculty of renunciation. The activity of Spirit cleanses my mind of limited and false beliefs, making room for greater understanding and newness of life. I am grateful.

This meditation is from the Unity House® book, Twelve-Power Meditation Exercise
by Unity minister Charles Roth.

Our Mission: Through our Sunday services, education and fellowship, we assist people to discover and express their divine nature and to live healthy, prosperous and meaningful lives.

Our Vision: We seek to provide a spiritual foundation that assists all throughout the world to fully express the Christ Consciousness of unconditional love.
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Begin Your Prayer Practice
For Peace Today!

Focus on your own divinity and the divine light within you.

Home Practice:
Find a quiet space in your home, and go within. Light a candle and offer prayer, hold any situations in need of prayer in the light.

Envision the light within you, breathe deeply, inhaling, filling your lungs and abdomen, three times, then breathe regularly.

I am One with the Divine (God.) I am a light.

Then sit in the silence and experience peace. When you are done meditating, continue to pray peace.

Pray Peace, Joy, and Love:
  • Be the peace you want to see in the world.
  • Be the joy you want to see in the world.
  • Be the Love you want to see in the world.
  • Touch the face of Love that is beyond all words.
And so it is!

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