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This Sunday, November 29th
Presenter: Dorothy Washington
"The Unbroken Cycle of Giving and Receiving"
Dorothy The holiday season is upon us. Much emphasis is placed on the exchange of gifts. This can be daunting and stressful. Concern can develop over the gift exchange protocol. Questions arise, such as: Is the gift he gave me of equal value to the one I gave him? She gave me a gift, should I give her one back? Will she like my gift? Much thought and possible anxiety can occur as we navigate the waters of gift exchange, as we focus on the material meanings we ascribe to the gift giving process.

In the spiritual realm; however, gift giving and receiving has different meaning. Gifts flow endlessly; they are given and received by everyone. There is no hierarchy to spiritual gifts, because all gifts are of equal value. The process is effortless.

The service will focus on some of our trepidations about giving and receiving, and further develop our awareness of this endless cycle.

This Sunday, December 6th
Presenter: Rev. Patti Perhacs


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